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About lulusbythesea

I LOVE birds, flowers, the beach, and decorating my home! I have incorporated the colors of the sea and sand in my home. I love coastal decor, and use shells, wooden shore birds, dune grass, and a model sailing ship ( with an aqua hull, of course) as accessories. I find these choices for color and decorative accents very calming. I feel like I'm at the beach! I like an eclectic look. I mix antiques, with painted distressed furniture, use glass accents, sisal and vintage rugs. My wall accents range from fun metal pieces to wood framed prints. I've even been known to use vintage doilies every now and then. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. I agree!

Backyard Birds

I get over twenty species of birds in my backyard.  I have 4 houses, 2 birdbaths, 3 feeders, and 2 suet cages.  I get a lot of enjoyment watching them go in and out of the houses.  I’ve laughed watching them attempt to take twigs in with them horizontally in their beaks!  Then maneuver them around to fit!  PURE JOY!